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Allahu Ahkbar?

I've completed the Noble Qur'an...a bit less than impressed.

The form is vastly different from the Bible, as the book is broken up into over one hundred "Surrahs," some as long as a biblical book and others as short as five-line poetry. It isn't arranged chronologically, but by the relative length of each Surrah; the longest are at the front (excepting Surrah 1) and grow increasingly short until the end.

Each Surrah is gleaned from a preaching session of Muhammed (pbuh) on different occasions. Contrary to what the author says, the Ayat (proofs, evidences, reasons for belief) amount to trusting the Prophet's (pbuh) words that Allah has revealed.

Historically, Muhammed (pbuh) began his ministry at Mecca, but was rejected early by the mostly pagan populace. Their persecution basically ran him out of town. From their he departed to Medina, a more favorable place, where he gained his first multitude of followers. Building his forces and organizing his religion there, the Prophet (pbuh) then proceeded to conquer Medina after a series of battles. Each victory gave the crusaders greater faith (they were winning, after all) as well as thousands of additional converts.

The Qur'an specifically states that religion should not be by compulsion. Thus, Muslims were/are not supposed to force conversion. Outside of the initial battles which were primarily in self-defense, the expansion of Islam was through political conquest and encouraged conversion. They would capture a territory and provide tax incentives for conversion. This, to Muhammed's successors, did not count as compulsion.

After more research I'll be able to do a comparative study of Islam and Christianity, which I hope will shed light on my present condition.

I believe after this I'll read the Book of Mormon. I'm almost certain that it can serve as an example of pure human ingenuity writing a set of scriptures. We shall see.
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