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The Sanctissimus Pater Has Left Us

First I would like to comment on the death of the venerable John Paul II. Though I am no longer Catholic and even then disagreed with the soul on a great many things, I had always had the utmost respect for him. He was a geniuinely great and loving person concerned deeply with the welfare and well-being of all men. He was instrumental in the liberation of Europe from Communism. A blessed, unique soul, who used the fullest extents of his talents to spread what he believed is the Truth and Life of mankind. Let us hope his successor can compare in greatness.

Life is changing, ever more rapidly, to something entirely foreign to me. So many new worlds have opened these last months, and I feel like the many voids of ignorance in my mind are beginning to fill. I'm supremely fortunate to meet so many greater minds from whom to learn, so many hearts full of love, so many faces full of joy and sadness. This is the best it's ever been. Never before have I felt so happy, so fulfilled, so well-rounded.

I really am beginning to love everyone in the group. Living together has basically jump-started my usual process of friendly amour, and I find myself intimately concerned for everybody's well-being. I've always appreciated all my friends, it's simply that I'm growing closer to these relative to the time than ever before. They're wonderful. To those who are reading: you are wonderful. You've increasingly made my life into the celebration of terrestrial existence it has become. Thank you.

Tonight we'll attempt to see Sin City again. Last night an attempt was made but ticket availability was limiting. And Ian can't rap when he's drunk. Actually, he can't ever rap. O well.

I think everything's clear now between Jen and I. We're just friends and she's accepted that. But she'll need all of our support with her mom's tumor.

I think I've become a pro-life libertarian.

What comes next?
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