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With Eyes of the Clearest Amber Sunsets are Beautiful

I'm fairly sure I destroyed my Human Origins test today.

Christina needs to forget about Daniel. Seriously. It's unhealthy for her, and I want her to be happy.

I continue to work with my philosophical/theological studies. Greater understanding coms each day.

Here's a way to make money.

1. Buy one (1) balloon filled with Helium.
2. Write out your address on it.
3. Go to the Post Office.
4. Tell them you want to post the balloon.
5. Tie it onto the weighing scale and ask for the postage cost.
6. The floating balloon will pull up on the scale and make it read below zero.
7. The post office would thus pay you money for posting it.

In fact, because you're mailing the balloon to yourself, you'll lose nothing.

Just a thought.
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