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The Quality of Mercy

Biology test tomorrow is tomorrow. Not concerned.

Chris Castanza called tonight. He expressed his shock and lament over my deconversion. We talked about it all for a while without resolution. This change has hit many people, for which I am sorry.

But each day I'm becoming more confident in my decision. More issues arise, additional items that I had never been at liberty to consider. I find myself freer intellectually, no longer under compulsion to defend any particular worldview or mentality, simply able to let the facts be. They really do speak for themselves. The mental acrobatics of believing more speculative theories can no longer be required of me. I'm retired.

On the one hand, I'm free from having to hold to untenable assertions, and on the other, I've a new burden of defining my thought and philosophy. This is a privelege more than a responsibility, however. For the first time in years, there is an intellectual void to be filled; this time, it will purely come by rational and logical processes. Nothing more to strain for or against. Now, the evidence does all the hard work for me.

Males are idiots in how they treat women. I include myself in their number.

The library finally got Thus Spoke Zarathustra. Unfortunately, I can't check it out until I pay Lou's late fees...I won't have the necessary cash til the weekend.

And Paul is playing his first gig this weekend in Grace King's Battle of the Bands! Everybody come! 6:30, Saturday night, Grace King High, $5 cover. It'll be great.

I haven't spent a day (24 hours) alone in a long, long time. Methinks sometime soon I should. With all the mayhem of late, some old-fashioned meditation will probably be as useful to me as a delicious bass is to a starving man.

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