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Lamb: Wolves Say It Tastes Like Human

Life is steady.

This week's activities focused a bit more on socializing than on reading. Both are avenues of experience and understanding, and I should like to be balanced. Almost every night the group collected in the Rec Room for pool, merriment, and insults. And Sexual Harassment. Which I did not instigate. I was a Victim. Nervermind.

The week culminated in a party at Ponchartrain Beach on Friday. Starr and Chris Porter have been at odds for weeks now, and the added liquor threw their fight over the edge. Harsh words were exchanged, conciliatory remarks granted to both participants, but to no help. By night's end, I walked the drunken Chris back to the dorm while Chris C. handled Starr. Tensions had run far higher than any could have expected.

And Amber almost hurt herself. Micah was quite kind and protective of her.

And I understand Broderick a bit better now. We're cool.

After all was said and done Starr, Chris C., and I went back out to have a late discussion about what had transpired, about the insanity of interpersonal relationships, about the philosophical implications of human experience and trust. It was the crowning glory of the week and by far the best conversation I've had in a while.

Chris C. and I will start going to the gym together this week. Awesome.

I doubt Starr will be hanging around our group too much more. This saddens me as I really would like to see life through her eyes, her experiences. I believe I've never met anyone so dissimlar to myself. Each of us could learn a great deal.

Saturday night, my brother Paul H. played his first gig at the Grace King Battle of the Bands. Despite some logistical and techniocal problems, they were great. Victim of Silence has quite a bit of Potential once they tweak their sound a bit.

Mitch Hedberg is the best stand-up comedian of whom I am aware. You should all look into him.

That is all.
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