Steve Guertin (leto_atreides_2) wrote,
Steve Guertin

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Incognito Burrito

Although I said I would be gone from public circles last week, schoolwork (among other things) prevented that from happening.

Thus, this shall be the week. The only exception is seeing Brittany since she's in town.

Other than contacting her, my cell will be off.

So I'll see you all when I see you.
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I feel so special! :-)
Well maybe you should!
I hope this is good time for you. I wish you clearity of throught, and movement of the spirit.

Also, I really want to see your hair.

See you next week.

Thanks so much, Katie...and you'll see me around at some point, don't worry.
dr. foy wanted to know if you were under a witness protection program b/c you're always changing your hair. lol. i told her i didn't know but that you did mention you were going to be invisible for the week. she started laughing. lol. i hope you this week helps you clear your mind. good luck!!! much love!!!